VHS-4 home server

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, sauvegarde des fichiers numériques

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, multiroom

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, magnétoscope numérique

Store, protect and organize quickly and securely your digital heritage on a VHS-4 home server.

In just one click, share your pictures, your videos, your musical files and your TV programs with your family and your friends.
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Amuse yourself and enjoy your multimedia library in the room and on the screen of your choice.

Thanks to the VHS-4, rediscover your pictures, your videos and your music files on your favourite screens: home-cinema, TV, computers, tablets, smartphones…
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Free yourself from the live broadcast and become the master of your TV programming thanks to the Ve-hotech electronic program guide!

Genuinely smart, the VHS-4 personal video recorder automatically records the programs that resemble you once a keyword search is set up.
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Technology for all

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, usages technologiquesOn top of its extraordinary backup and share features, the VHS-4 opens the door to new uses in order to simplify your life and spare you some time: video surveillance for your tranquility, download station (BitTorrent and Newsgroup), websites hosting, printers sharing, key parameters monitoring.

Use the virtualisation* feature on your VHS-4 to remove all boundaries and explore the limitless possibilities offered by your home server by executing several virtual machines running under different operating systems (Windows, Linux). Know no limits...

Remote desktop, home automation, video files recoding, distributed calculations, development environment... You can do anything.

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*Available only on the Xtreme series.

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