About Ve-hotech

Ve-hotech is a brand of Ve-hotech SASU.

Founded in 2008, the Ve-hotech brand provides innovative home solutions that combine the best computing and electronics technologies.

Ve-hotech aims at being the market leader on the design of electronic products destined for the general public and tailored for a domestic use.

The Ve-hotech products are designed to simplify their users' life and offer them the benefits of cutting edge technologies. Easy to configure and use, the Ve-hotech products are specifically designed to be accessible to anyone.

Ve-hotech  launched in 2011 a specific series of the VHS-4 server, designed for professional users, small enterprises and freelancers.

These products, although based on the home server version, benefit from improvements and added functionnalities resulting from the time spent listening to what Ve-hotech customers had to say.

In addition to this dedicated series, Ve-hotech offers specific services to its professional users, including a 24-hours exchange of defective components, a dedicated technical support and added data protection. 

About the VHS-4

The VHS-4 is targeted for users who wish to secure their digital heritage and to enjoy their data anywhere in their home ou remotely.

Considered as the home server with the highest performance since its release in 2008, the VHS‑4 has had a string of innovations ever since:
- first linux-based home server when it was released,
- first home server to include a virtualisation hypervisor (when it was released),
- first home server featuring a quad-TNT tuner (beginning of 2010),
- first 64 bits home server (end of 2010),
- first home server with 3TB HDD support (beginning of 2011),
- first home server featuring a dual DVB-T2 tuner (in sept. 2011),
- first home server to include metadata management (beginning of 2012),
- first home server to support management of multimedia jukeboxes for media players (beginning of 2012),
- first home server to feature a real-time file tracking system (beginning of 2012).

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