VHS-4 home server

Easily share your media with all due confidentiality

Protect your digital heritage

All your files are secure on the VHS-4, whether your pictures, audio files purchased on internet or digitized from your CDs, videos or private copies of Blu-Ray discs, TV recordings, computer backups and in general any kind of computer files…

Do not hesitate to store your complete digital heritage on a high-capacity home server (up to 16TB, roughly equivalent to 300 Blu-Ray discs or tens of thousands of pictures or audio files). Thanks to the RAID* technology, your files are secure even in case of hard disk drive failure!

*Real time security that distributes all files between several hard disk drives in order to be able to reconstruct them should a hard disk drive fail.

Easy access to your files

Do you want to listen to a specific artist, see the pictures you took last summer, watch a sci-fi movie? Do not waste any time searching for the file(s), thanks to the technologies developed for you by Ve-hotech, all your files are automatically catalogued. Specify a sort criteria and rediscover all the corresponding files, no matter in which directories they are stored!

Make your life easier and save time

Stop wasting time and energy juggling with fragile external hard disk drives, unreadable CDs, lost USB keys or limited, slow, and expensive online storage. One VHS-4 is sufficient to store and protect all your files and make sure they can be accessed by you and your friends no matter where you are. 

The performance and the speed of the VHS-4 (more than 100MB/second) allow you to transfer and find your precious files in a flash. Tailored for a family use, all the users' multimedia libraries can be accessed at all times, simultaneously.

Share your pictures, audio files and videos with due confidentiality

What's more natural than the wish to share pictures with your loved ones, on your favourite social network or even to introduce them to your favourite artist works?

Back from a wonderful trip between friends, invite the ones who took pictures store them on your VHS-4 using the user accounts you created for them, in just a few minutes.

Share privately some very personal pictures... right-click on a picture and it will automatically appear in the shared directory of the user of your choice.

Very easily create an Album collecting the best pictures, and send the URL link to all who took part in the trip! In just one click, they can view the Album in a picture gallery or as a slideshow, and even download the pictures of their choice!

Create internet shortcuts for the most beautiful pictures, and share these links on your favourite social network... This will save you the tedious task of uploading the pictures on internet, and allow you to keep your pictures in-house and retain all your rights. Stop waiving your rights on pictures just to share these precious moments with your friends!

Intuitive and user-friendly web interface

Genuine media center, the VHS-4 invites you to browse through your multimedia files using an intuitive and user-friendly web interface, from home or remotely, via internet!

Simplify the sorting out of your pictures!

Save yourself some time using the Pictures explorer application on your VHS-4! Intuitively browse in pictures automatically sorted out by date, directories or Albums.

Use the thumbnails to identify a picture, create a full-screen slideshow in just a few clicks, and visualize at a glance all the information available for a picture, such as the date, the camera type... 

Your music at your own rythm

Enjoy without effort the benefits of a genuine audio library at home! Let your VHS-4 grab on the internet all the information pertaining to your musical files, including the CD jackets, to browse easily through your files!

The VHS-4 audio player can sort out for you all the musical files stored on the VHS-4 by artist, album, title, genre, year... or even the ratings you gave!

Create playlists, and enjoy your music while you are working on your computer, at home or remotely, via internet!

The video library of your dreams

The VHS-4 Video explorer application more than answers the expectations of the most hard to please movie and TV series-enthusiasts... and of anyone else! Copy your Blu-Ray discs on the VHS-4, download files from your favourite online store, and the VHS-4 will take care of the rest!

You wish to watch a general public-rated animation movie? A comedy? All the videos stored on the VHS-4 are shown sorted out by genre in order to simplify the organisation of your evenings. Each file is represented by its jacket, just click on a movie or a TV series episode to display its detailed facts sheet! Still hesitating? Click to watch the trailer!

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, sauvegarde des fichiers numériques

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, galerie photos

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, partage des fichiers numériques

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, galerie photos

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, interface bibliothèque musicale

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, interface films

World-exclusive technologies, developed with you in mind!

Thanks to the File Tracking System, pictures, videos and musical files are systematically catalogued -indexed- no matter where they are stored on the VHS-4. The server associates each file with dozens of additional pieces of information, such as the synopsis/Blu-Ray jacket of a movie, or the artist/CD jacket of an audio file. This ensures that all files can be found very intuitively, without having to search for the directory in which they are located.

Also thanks to the File Tracking System, you can share any file on Facebook or Twitter with just a single click. In a similar fashion, you can also, instantaneously, share a set of pictures in a gallery. Unlike other similar technologies, the File Tracking System allows you to rename or move your files even after the files were shared.

Thanks to the SmartShare technology, each user has continuous and intuitive access to their files, and to all the files that other users are sharing with them... more than a personal server, the VHS-4 is a home server!
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