VHS-4 home server

Watch TV programs you're interested in, at a time of your own choosing!

Watch TV differently

Do you never miss an episode of your favourite TV series? Are you addicted to a daily television debate? Do you hate being held hostage by TV ads or a program grid? Add the optional TV server on your VHS-4...

To each family member their TV program

Stop wasting time negociating the evening program between family members, the VHS-4 makes it possible to watch and record simultaneously several TV channels! From now on, anyone will watch the program of their choice on the screen of their choice (TV, computer, tablet...), live or recorded.

Directly plugged on your VHS-4 home server, the DTTV antenna allows you to receive up to 19 channels via a dual tuner compliant with DVB T2.  *Available as an option.

The Ve-hotech program guide, exhaustive and updated twice a day

Thanks to the Ve-hotech* Electronic Program Guide, benefit from a 14 days-view on the programs scheduled, updated twice a day! *with subscription.

Create channel lists for a quick overview of your favourite TV channels, identify at a glance all the games scheduled during the week, click on a live program to watch it in the preview window, select a program to display the available information...

Choosing your TV program has never been easier thanks to the sort criteria (personalised channel list, program categories...) and to the detailed information provided by the program guide!

Easy-to-use and smart personal video recorder

SmartRecord: one keyword is all you need

Do you wish to watch all the games of the 6 Nations Championship? Do you want to record all the movies in which your favourite actor stars? To add to your multimedia library all the episodes of your favourite TV series?

One word: Smart. The SmartRecord feature on the VHS-4 programs in your stead the recordings of TV programs that match the keywords you specified: rugby, Bruce Willis, Dr House. Stop missing TV programs you're interested in!

Remote programming

Stuck in a traffic-jam? From your smartphone, click on the program of your choice to set up a recording!

If you are connected to the internet, you can at anytime add or modify ongoing/scheduled recordings using the VHS-4 user-friendly web interface. This can be done in just a few clicks, no matter where you are!

Free yourself from live TV

Running a few minutes late? Ask the VHS-4 to record a program, and start watching it when you're ready, even if it is not finished! Emergency situation? Record the TV programs of your choice and watch them whenever it suits you!

Thnaks to the VHS-4, immediately start changing the way you watch TV!

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Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, service de guide des programmes TV

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, la télévision à distance

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, enregistrements des programmes à distance

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