VHS-4 home server

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Leading-edge technologies on your VHS-4

Added serenity using the video surveillance

Do you like to be reassured your family and your home are secure? Of course, what's more natural!

Are your young kids playing in another room? Check remotely, in a non-intrusive manner, that everything is fine. Are you going away on vacation for a few days? If you have an internet access, a quick glance via the VHS-4 is all you need to make sure nothing is amiss at home.

The user-friendly web interface of the VHS-4 home server allows you to centralise the video streams from 4 IP cameras in order to monitor them at a glance, and to control the cameras that support Pan-Tilt-Zoom. The pictures recorded by the cameras are automatically stored on the VHS-4, and can be checked remotely if necessary.

Download Station

Do you wish you were able to download files in a reliable manner?

The VHS-4 includes an easy and efficient download station: right-click on a file (BitTorrent, SABnzbd…) or cut/paste an URL (http, ftp…) and your download starts!

Expert users can benefit from the BitTorrent and SABnzbd download clients, which allow to setup precise download settings and to access websites requiring authentication or subscription.

Create and host your own websites

Do you want to create a website for your association? A blog to relate your travels? A forum to make it easier to organize a large party between friends?

Using the VHS-4, create in a few clicks a website (Joomla, Drupal), a blog (Dotclear, Wordpress), a forum (MyBB)… or any other website, dynamic or not. Each VHS-4 user can host his own websites, with no storage space limit, no subscription costs, no unwanted ads. Open your own internet website in just a few minutes!

Share your printers

Would you like to be able to print from any computer on your local network? That can easily be done!

Connect your printers on the VHS-4 home server, and they will always be available on your local network!

Control panel

Do you want to precisely monitor your VHS-4? The health status of its components, its activity logs... or on the contrary, do you want to be informed only when it is a necessity? With the VHS-4, you have the luxury to choose!

The VHS-4 includes an exclusive dashboard application that provides information on about 200 parameters.
  • General information on the server and the hard disk drives states.
  • Real-time system activity monitoring.
  • Server logs

Advanced control panel (Xtreme 3 only)

Optimize your server using the advanced control panel, giving you additional possibilities in terms of applications setup. The advanced control panel is both easy to use and suitable for the needs of the most technophile users.

Access an additional 100 settings allowing you to answer all your configuration requirements.

Unlimited virtualisation (Xtreme 3 only)

Do you wish you could use your favourite applications from any computer? Do you need an additional computer to run home automation software 24 hours a day, to do distributed calculations, or to re-encode files?

The virtualisation capabilities of the VHS-4 allow you to do all this, and much more!

Using the VHS-4 Xtreme, create in a few clicks virtual machines running under the operating system of your choice (Windows 7, Linux…). Set them up to suit your needs, install the software applications of your choice... the possibilities are limitless! You can then access your virtual machines from any computer, at home or remotely, via internet. 

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, videosurveillance

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, création et hébergement de sites internet

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, application de surveillance des paramètres

: Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, panneau de contrôle avancé

Ve-Hotech, VHS-4 serveur personnel, virtualisation

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